About me

Alejandra Amerena

Alejandra Amerena, deeply and passionately has explored color through silk painting, considered the perfect canvas to capture its vibrant colors that always recall the joy of living and the flavor of light in our daily life.

From her father, civil engineer, she heritage the importance of context in creativity and from her mother, silver jewelry designer,  appreciate the grace of imperfection, from who she preserves and enjoys their personal values.

Having grown up in the city of Cuernavaca, she travels to Florence, Italy to learn different textile disciplines such as: printing, batik and silk painting.

She returns to Mexico excited about studying textile design at the Universidad Iberoamericana, with the idea of ​​collaborate with Mexican artisans; that concludes with her thesis project related to the cross stitch embroidery of the Huasteca Veracruzana, for which she was invited to present it to the 80th Textile Institute World Conference, Manchester, England.

The artistic education has being a complement on her passion to lead kids to connect with their own creativity, witch was triggered by her projects in the masterful summer courses at the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso in México City.

Her characteristic and particular sense of humor reflected in her art she attributes it to the light and freshness of Cuernavaca mornings, to the flavors of the food and the people with whom she interacts. Which at the same time she considers undisputed inspiration of her personal project.

Her favorite painter and from who she proudly recognizes his influence is Vicente Gandía, with whom she interact for many years of her life and who was her teacher not only of color and light, but of observation and generosity.

Alejandra Amerena’s painting, is fresh and vibrant. Always appeals to the simple details of life because, as she herself confesses, “I want to always be amaze by the simple things”.